Researchers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute Center for Immunotherapy are enrolling patients in three clinical trials designed to treat urinary cancers.

One study will assess how patients’ immune systems respond to targeted radiation treatments for kidney cancer. Another will evaluate how immune systems respond to targeted radiation treatments for prostate cancer, in combination with immunotherapy, and a third will focus on a new type of immunotherapy for bladder cancer.

“The results of our work in the laboratory were so exciting that we have moved these studies into the clinic for treating patients,” said Dr. Thomas Schwaab, who is leading the clinical trials.

The first will evaluate the safety of using stereotactic body radiation therapy to treat kidney tumors before removing them surgically. The treatment for other types of cancer targets the tumor with great precision while avoiding damage to normal tissue.

Schwaab is also leading a trial to help determine whether radiation therapy can boost the immune-system response in the treatment of prostate cancer. It is open to patients from Roswell or Western New York Urology Associates whose prostate cancer has returned after anti-hormone therapy, whose disease has spread to the bone, and who have been prescribed sipuleucel-T but have not yet started treatment.

The third study will enroll 180 patients treated at 58 different centers. Patients who have had their bladder removed and those who have had their kidney and ureter removed and who are either not eligible for or decline chemotherapy may be eligible.

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