“Will in Scarlet: The Boy Behind the Robin Hood Legend” by Matthew Cody; $16.99; 255 pages.

This thrilling new version of the Robin Hood Legend comes from the author of superhero novels “Powerless” and “Super.” In the year 1192, while King Richard the Lionheart was on his way home from the Crusades, 13-year-old Will Shackley is out in the freezing cold with the lords of Shackley Castle hunting wolves because he has to prove he has what it takes to be his father’s heir. Will, who has a reputation as a spoiled troublemaker, meets the test, but soon finds himself on the run after a plot to dethrone Richard sweeps the land and Shackley Castle falls. Will meets a band of outlaws in the forest, including their nasty leader Gilbert, a drunk named Robin and an orphan girl Much disguised as a boy. Hiding his true identity as a lord’s son, Will persuades the Merry Men to go after treasure in Shackley Castle and the band of outlaws start their campaign of “steal from the rich, give to the poor.” Along the way, Will learns some hard lessons about poverty and privilege and the sometimes thin line between hero and villain. The details are vivid, there is plenty of action and even a little romance in this new twist on Robin Hood. Cody also includes an interesting author’s note at the end about the Robin Hood legend and how much of it might be based on fact.

– Jean Westmoore


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Matter, which is anything that has mass and takes up space, comes in three states: solid, gas and liquid. An ice cube is a solid. Solids have tightly packed particles. Helium is a gas. In a gas, particles move fast and don’t stay close together. Water is a liquid. Liquid particles move around, but don’t have a shape.

– Time for Kids Big Book of Why