ift bags can help you get a handle on wrapping. They’re decorative and festive-looking but, if you treat them gently, they also are reusable. So is the tissue paper that sometimes pops out the tops. Of course, you might have a problem with sneaky types who try to peek at the gifts inside.

Just remind yourself that some kids never grow up.

So sprite: The elf legs fabric wine bag can be used to present other types of gifts as well. It’s $11.95 at Pier 1, (where you can check for local store availability).

Tiny treasures: This 8-inch-high plaid fabric bag proves that big surprises really might come in small packages. Priced $3.95 at Pier 1,

Jingle bags rock: This bag holds larger gifts and comes with three sheets of white tissue. Priced $3.99 at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores.

For Hanukkah: Glitter and a colorful border accents the Menorah Gift Bag. Priced $1.49 at select Party City stores,

Got the message? Polka dots and a background printed with “No Peeking” add to the fun of this festive bag. Priced 99 cents at