Holiday Eating

» Gluten-free and vegan holidays: Celebrating the year with simple, satisfying recipes and menus – Jennifer Katzinger, 2011. (also available as e-book)

» Holiday dinners with Bradley Ogden: 150 festive recipes to bring family and friends together – Bradley Ogden, 2011. (also available as e-book)

» Holiday kitchen: A cornucopia of delicious video recipes for your holiday table! (video recording) – Handmade TV, 2009.

» How to Cook Everything Thanksgiving 20 Recipes for the Big Day (e-book) – Mark Bittman, 2012

» The Neelys’ celebration cookbook: Down-home meals for every occasion – Patrick Neely, 2011. (also available as e-book)

» Thanksgiving: How to cook it well – Sam Sifton, 2012.

Stress Survival

» Holiday blues: rediscovering the art of celebration – Herbert Rappaport, 2009.

» Is it a big problem or a little problem?: When to worry, when not to worry, and what to do – Amy Egan, 2007. (also available as e-book)

» One-minute mindfulness: 50 simple ways to find peace, clarity, and new possibilities in a stressed-out world – Don Altman, 2011.

» Well Stressed: Manage Stress Before It Turns Toxic (e-book) – Sonia Lupien, 2012.

» The worst-case scenario survival handbook. Holidays – Joshua Piven, 2002. (also available as e-book)