When it comes to personal technology, smartphones are about as personal as it gets. We asked a few people to share their favorite apps:

“Functionality, speed and accuracy are key” when choosing smartphone apps, said Kim Weeks, founder of Boundless Yoga in Washington, D.C. The 41-year-old yoga instructor, business owner and mother of two said she uses her phone to stay organized, stay connected and distract her kids when it’s time to make dinner. “It’s my lifeline,” Weeks said.

• iMeditateWithErich: “This super cool app does cost money, but it’s worth it. You set the amount of time you want to meditate and (Erich Schiffman) leads you in meditation for that amount of time. At the end of a hard day, it gets me grounded and relaxed. It lets me create time for me.”

• Shazam: “I love this app so much. Since I became a mom, I don’t have time to search for new songs and albums. This is the best way I know to stay connected to new music.”

• 123 Sesame Street: “This app helps me make dinner. My kids are 3 and 1, and this has perfect pre-k educational materials. There’s spelling, shapes. They can use the touchscreen to ‘color,’ and they learn to sound out words. And it gives me a chance to steam the green beans.”

Errick McAdams is personal trainer known in the Washington fitness community for his energy and back-to-basics approach to health.

• MyPlate Calorie Tracker: “My ‘can’t-live-without’ app is MyPlate by I encourage all my athletes to use it. I hold them accountable. Tracking calories is not a lifelong task, but it is essential in the beginning of any weight-loss effort.”