A spy on the fly

Christopher Gorham plays a globe-trotting CIA agent on USA Network’s “Covert Affairs,” and he’s starting to feel like one in real life.

“I mean we’ve all become kind of little spies,” Gorham said of the cast and crew, who are well-versed in the art of international travel. “We have our bags that are just ready to go. ... We all have NEXUS cards now. So we’re just zipping in and out through immigration and, yeah, we’ve gotten really good at it. I have a lot of frequent flier miles.”

The spy drama is known for filming on location around the world and has made recent stops in Denmark, Italy and Colombia. Gorham just returned from shooting season four’s final two episodes in Hong Kong.

Slurs against Jackson denied

US Airways denies crew members used racial slurs against actor Brandon T. Jackson, who was kicked off a flight at a Phoenix layover because of unruly behavior.

The 29-year-old Jackson had been drinking on the New York City-to-Phoenix flight Monday night and became upset when flight attendants stopped serving him alcohol.

The “Tropic Thunder” actor sent out 21 tweets about the experience and says a flight attendant “called me the N-word.”

Police escorted Jackson out of the terminal at Sky Harbor International Airport. Jackson took another flight to Burbank, Calif.

US Airways spokesman Andrew Christie said crew members “deny any use of the N-word or racist slurs with Mr. Jackson.”

‘A Time to Kill’ to bite dust

After some critical roasting and a constant box office slump, “A Time to Kill” will soon die on Broadway.

Producers of the courtroom drama, adapted from the best-selling novel by John Grisham, said Wednesday they’ll close the show after the Nov. 17 performance.

The play centers on the mid-1980s trial of a black man accused of killing the two white men who attacked his daughter.

The cast includes Sebastian Arcelus, Tom Skerritt, John Douglas Thompson, Fred Dalton Thompson, Patrick Page, Tonya Pinkins and Ashley Williams.

It opened Oct. 20 to poor reviews and last week was half full. It grossed just $215,431 of its $693,936 potential.

Bieber a graffiti artist?

The website of Brazil’s biggest news outlet published photos Wednesday it says show pop star Justin Bieber spray-painting graffiti on a wall. And it adds that police want to question him about it.

The O Globo newspaper reported that photographers snapped photos of Bieber as he painted graffiti on a wall of the former Hotel Nacional in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday morning.

Defacing buildings is a crime in Brazil punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine.

O Globo said police went to the mansion Bieber rented in Rio to question him, but he was not there.

Phone calls and emails to the police department for more details went unanswered. Calls and emails to Bieber representatives were not returned.