Rethink pink

“Wink of pink” is one of the trends that Kohl’s highlights in its spring trends report. Peachy melons, sugary pales and bright salmons can all be mixed and matched.

The shades can be found on just about any garment and accessory you can think of: dresses, oxford shirts, crepe blouses, skinny jeans, ankle-cropped polished cotton pants, tees, brimmed hats and scarves.

Branching out

Award-winning author Amy Stewart, whose books include best-sellers “The Drunken Botanist,” “Wicked Bugs,” ‘’Wicked Plants” and “Flower Confidential,” is now writing novels, the Associated Press reports.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt recently announced that Stewart will write a series of fiction books based on the real life of Constance Kopp, a female deputy sheriff in early 20th-century New Jersey. The first novel, “Girl Waits With a Gun,” is scheduled for 2015.

The AP reports that Stewart learned of Kopp while researching “The Drunken Botanist,” a history of the natural sources of alcoholic drinks published last March.

Stewart, who has visited Garden Walk Buffalo and given talks here, lives in California and is cofounder of the popular blog GardenRant.

Design tip

Trays and platters make great decorating tools. In her book “Nell Hill’s Rooms We Love,” (Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC, $29.99), author Mary Carol Garrity writes that she is obsessed with them.

Garrity suggests using trays for stacking books on a large ottoman; assembling cooking accessories near the range; showing off favorite photos on a dresser, or holding candles and scented soaps in a guest bath.

“Give me one beautiful tray and I will figure out how to use it,” she writes.

And finally …

“My favorite piece of clothing is the white shirt. In general, fashion designers say, ‘I wish I had invented jeans.’ I would have loved to invent the white shirt.”

– Designer Karl Lagerfeld, originally quoted in French Glamour