Time for turtlenecks

urtlenecks have a way of crawling into winter wardrobes and staying there, but there always seems to be room for one or two more. Some are fitted; others relaxed. This season, striped and color-blocked turtlenecks look sporty while solids can be worn just about anywhere. Cowl necks are popular again. Other interesting details include cables and other textured looks, ruching down the sides, slits at the bottom or ribbing at the cuffs, neckline and hem. § You don’t have to look far for turtlenecks with a little shine, either, in silver and golden hues.

Fun ways to wrap

Looking for alternatives to traditional holiday gift wrap? Frugal- and green-living resources offer plenty of suggestions. One is the gift-within-a-gift approach, such as tucking a gift inside something you know the recipient can use – perhaps a watering can, mixing bowl, colorful photo box or clay pot (using the base as a lid). The container can reflect the person’s hobby. Additional gift wrap alternatives include Sunday comics, obsolete road maps, takeout menus and other items that can be returned to the recycling bin.

Another multiuse idea spotted on a gift wrapped in a thrift store red-and-white checked shirt, embellished with a brooch.

Final tip: If you do choose wrapping paper, the less tape you use the more likely the paper can be saved and reused. Reusable gift bags are another option.

Under the seat

Got stuff? Mimish Designs’ Storage Beanbag is a clever place to stash it.

The beanbag chair unzips to reveal space for storing plush toys, out-of-season clothes, bedding or other soft items. The top of the chair is filled with polystyrene beads to create a comfortable, squishy seat or ottoman.

The beads are enclosed in a removable bag, so you can remove them to clean the chair’s shell. The chair comes in Microsuede, which can be machine washed, and cotton, which must be dry-cleaned. Thirteen colors are available.

Made in the United States, the beanbag chair sells for $149 at Shipping is free on orders in the United States.

– Akron Beacon Journal

And finally …

“There’s a certain point in every woman’s life when she will ask herself, ‘Am I too old to be wearing this?’ And if you have to ask the question, the answer is ... MAYBE.”

Television personality Clinton Kelly in his book, “Freakin’ Fabulous on a Budget: How to dress, entertain and decorate in the style you so richly deserve” (Gallery Books, $26)