Rhonda Rotterman has made the most of her time since her kids grew up and moved out of the house.

Rotterman, 47, of Kenmore, has found it easier to eat well and exercise more during the last couple of years. It shows. Since last spring, she has been the overall winner of the National Physique Committee Miss Buffalo, Miss Rochester and Miss Northern Kentucky physique competitions.

Program director for the University at Buffalo Institute for Person-Centered Care – which looks to set healthier, more compassionate standards for elder care – she also is featured this month in No Nonsense magazine, which targets those who are really, really, really serious about fitness.

You’re ripped. What was key, nutrition-wise, to build your body?

When getting ready for competition, dietary-wise, you’re focusing on proteins, primarily from animal sources – chicken, turkey, fish – and you’re eating a lot of vegetables instead of complex carbohydrates. When you’re building muscle, you have to have the complex carbohydrates with the good proteins and the vegetables, so you’re talking about sweet potatoes, brown rice or wild rice, oatmeal, any of the fiber cereals.

– Scott Scanlon

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