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The Buffalo News has worked hard to respond to changing habits of our readers and users. Every day, we continue to provide unique content and in-depth coverage of Western New York as only a staff as large and experienced as ours can. is easier to navigate and features more information, video and updates than ever before. We've also launched apps for the iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and Android to make accessing information on-the-go easier and more user-friendly. (You can download them for free on iTunes, Google Play or Amazon.) Additionally, an exact e-edition replica of the newspaper is available.

All of this digital content is available at no additional cost to subscribers of the print Buffalo News. Simply activate your account at to maintain your free access to all of our digital products. If you already have an email and password set up to access your subscriber account you can log in with those credentials.

The weekly rates are as follows:

Delivery Options
Best Rate per week
Basic Rate per week
Term Rates
Automatically billed to your
credit or debit card.

Make 1st payment now & receive bills to renew your subscription.

7 Day Print *
Cost per Term and Rate Type
Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday Print *
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Sunday Only Print *
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Full Digital Access Only
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* All print delivery options include 24x7 online access to our digital products:

  • iPad, iPhone, Android phone and Kindle Fire apps
  • Electronic edition of The Buffalo News

What else is new?

Non-subscribers will still have access to 10 story views every 30 days. The homepage, section fronts (Sports, Business etc.) will remain open. Auto, Real Estate, Rental, Classified, Death Notices and pets will remain open to all users.

We will also make available the e-edition of The Buffalo News - a complete digital replica of the print version of the paper. For subscribers, the e-edition will be available online each morning by 6:00 AM. The e-edition can be read by clicking here or going to

What does this mean for current subscribers?

Subscription rates for current subscribers will not change. All subscribers to the print edition of The Buffalo News - 7-day, Sunday-only, or any other plan - will have access to all digital products at no additional charge. However, you must activate at no charge as a subscriber to receive a login. Subscribers will be allotted five simultaneous logins to or any other Buffalo News digital product. This will allow you access from home, the office, school or your mobile devices without disruption.

What about readers who don't want web access?

For readers who prefer to read the print version of the paper, nothing will change. As a subscriber, you will have the option of accessing the News' digital products but will not see any rate increase or additional charge to do so. If you would like to access our digital products, you'll need to activate at no charge.

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