The celebrated playwright Tom Dudzick is coming to town in August to direct “Over the Tavern” at the Kavinoky Theatre. Meanwhile the Kavinoky is putting out a cattle call for stereotypical Caucasian Buffalonians.

Here, in the words of the Kavinoky staff, is what they are looking for. It appears as if coming from a large and rowdy family prepares one well for this particular production. All the positions listed are paid.

• RUDY PAZINSKI: 12 years old. Full of fun. His world revolves around Mad Magazine and TV comedians. Does a great Ed Sullivan impression. His curious mind gets him in trouble with the Nuns at school when he innocently questions the rules of Catholicism.

• GEORGIE PAZINSKI: 13 years old. Mentally “challenged” – what we used to call “retarded.” His mental age is that of a 3-year-old. Consistently good natured, he communicates with gestures, grunts and an occasional real word.

• EDDIE PAZINSKI: 15 years old. Typical swaggering teenage boy. Loves his family but wouldn’t be caught dead admitting it. Hides his sweet nature under a tough guy demeanor.

• ANNIE PAZINSKI: 16 years old. Insecure. Frets a lot. Everything’s a crisis. Battling a weight problem; sneaks Hostess Twinkies into her room.

• CHET PAZINSKI: The dad. Late 40’s. Former baseball player who never made it to the majors. Owns a neighborhood bar. A loving guy but let’s life’s adversities get him down. Handles his workday frustrations by yelling at his kids.

• ELLEN PAZINSKI: The mom. Mid-40’s. With great humor, energy, patience and love, she holds her family together. Though at times tired and weary, she can still summon the zest to dance a late night polka in the kitchen with her husband. And she’s feisty enough to snap a nun’s ruler in two when her kid is being threatened.

Auditions will be held May 31 by appointment only. Callbacks, if necessary, will take place on Sunday, June 1. Nuns need not apply. The role of Sister Clarissa has been cast.

Interested candidates should call 829-7668 to schedule an appointment.