The crippling powers of human insecurity will be on full display in the Buffalo Laboratory Theatre’s production of the classic tale of Cyrano de Bergerac, a French poet and fighter with an abnormally large nose and even larger self-esteem issues. “Cyrano,” directed by and starring BLT founder and Hilbert College professor Taylor Doherty, opens its three-week run at 7:30 tonight in the 710 Main Theatre.

This production grows out of BLT’s original “Cyrano,” which the company mounted at its Hamburg space in 2010. It will include music played on the stage by musicians, aerial ballet performed by BLT mainstay Kathleen Golde and plenty of theatrical devices meant to rivet the attention to the tragic story of its central character’s fruitless quest after the girl he loves.

“In modern psychological vernacular you’d say he has these incredible self-esteem issues, and I mean some of them are legit,” Doherty said. “He has this massive deformity. But some of it just is, if he would have the courage to say it to her, she might say I love you back. The tragedy of that gets me just vaguely choked up just talking about it.”

The production is BLT’s first attempt to make a go of it in the 625-seat theater, formerly the home of Studio Arena. Tickets are $36.50 or $17.50 for students. Call 847-0850 or visit or

– Colin Dabkowski