Q: Why was the series “Sports Night” canceled? It’s so witty; I’ve caught it on FXX. – Jeannine Vogel, Columbus, Ohio

A: While its fans have loved it ever since its original run, precisely for that wit, the Aaron Sorkin-created show never was a ratings hit for ABC, which gave it two seasons. Reportedly, there were chances for it to continue on cable, but Sorkin already was looking ahead to his next project: NBC’s “The West Wing,” which he followed with HBO’s “The Newsroom.”

Several stars of “Sports Night” fared decently in scoring other series runs afterward. Peter Krause went on to “Six Feet Under,” “Dirty Sexy Money” and NBC’s current “Parenthood”; Josh Charles continues his run on CBS’ “The Good Wife”; Felicity Huffman spent eight seasons on “Desperate Housewives”; and Joshua Malina has been having a good run on ABC’s “Scandal.”


Q: I am wondering about two shows that I have not seen in a while. One is “Body of Proof,” and the other is “Unforgettable.” Have they been canceled? – Judy Vollrath, Racine, Wis.

A: Talk of a possible “Body of Proof” revival went on until very recently, when star Dana Delany tweeted that it “will not be resurrected.” If anyone should know, she should; one of the big factors in ABC keeping the medical mystery going for the three seasons it existed was its big appeal on the international market.

“Unforgettable” has a happier fate, at least for now, and especially since CBS originally let it go after its first season. The Poppy Montgomery-Dylan Walsh police detective drama did well enough in its return last summer to get a renewal for a Season 3 next summer.