Q: It was nice to see Alana De La Garza back as Connie Rubirosa on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” recently. What else has she been doing? – Jeff Harris, Winter Haven, Fla.

A: Last year, she was in the Jekyll-and-Hyde-ish NBC suspense series “Do No Harm,” which admittedly didn’t get a huge showcase. After two airings last winter, it was canceled, with the remaining episodes burned off on Saturdays during the summer. De La Garza also appeared with Amy Poehler, Owen Wilson and others in the 2013 movie “You Are Here,” written and directed by “Mad Men” mentor Matthew Weiner.

Since Rubirosa now is a federal prosecutor who’s based in New York again, it’s always possible the actress could pop back up on “SVU.”


Q: I enjoyed “Touch” but haven’t seen any mention of it for the future. Did it get canceled? – Sandy Waggoner, West Plains, Mo.

A: Yes. Fox ended the series after two seasons, but that doesn’t mean the network is out of business with star Kiefer Sutherland. He returns as the ever-resourceful Jack Bauer in the limited-run sequel series “24: Live Another Day” starting May 5.


Q: In the final season episode of “Betrayal,” ABC didn’t list the start date for next season. – Bev Wasmund, Farnham

A: That’s because it hasn’t been determined whether there will be a next season. ABC has some time to make a decision, which likely won’t be finalized until the network unveils its lineup for the 2014-15 television year in May. It has to be said, though, that the ratings for its season finale – which tied the show’s lowest numbers up to that point – weren’t particularly encouraging.