Q: Why did “The Blacklist” already have its season finale? It just started. – Jack Slate, Buffalo

A: It wasn’t the NBC mystery’s season finale that aired last month, but its “fall finale.” In fact, the James Spader-starring show is such a hit, it’ll be back sooner than was planned. Originally, the network was going to wait until after the Winter Olympics to start airing new episodes; however, not wanting to lose the ratings momentum, NBC’s chiefs reconsidered that plan. “The Blacklist” will return Jan. 13.


Q: Watching an episode of “Lost in Space,” I saw that the theme music was composed by Johnny Williams. Is that the same person as John Williams of “Star Wars” and “Jaws” fame? – George Ellis, Grand Junction, Colo.

A: One and the same, and he actually did two rounds of theme music for the series – one used during the first two seasons, then another for the third and final year. Williams also composed the themes for “The Time Tunnel” and “Land of the Giants” for “Lost in Space” producer Irwin Allen.

Williams worked on a number of other shows, including “The Cowboys,” before he aligned with a just-getting-started filmmaker named Steven Spielberg, and it’s been pretty much big-screen music for him ever since.