Q: Why was Detective Carter killed off on “Person of Interest”? She was a key character in the show. – Bill Muth, Curwensville, Pa.

A: Yes, she was … which is precisely why the CBS series’ producers did it, to hear them tell it. They wanted to shake things up, and actress Taraji P. Henson maintains it was the intent from the start to eliminate her character at this point – though others, including fellow “Interest” stars Jim Caveizel and Michael Emerson, didn’t know until filming of the crucial episode began. It’s possible that Carter could reappear, but it would be in flashbacks.


Q: Will “Twisted” be returning anytime soon? – Wendy Morrison, Buffalo

A: Reasonably soon. The ABC Family drama will resume its first season Feb. 11, a little later than originally planned. The show initially was supposed to be back Jan. 7, but the network ultimately decided to bring back “Ravenswood” then instead, so that series could benefit from being partnered with parent show “Pretty Little Liars” on the same night.


Q: When is “The Bachelor” coming back? – Terri Haines, Daytona Beach, Fla.

A: Jan. 6. As has happened in the past, he’ll be familiar to fans of “The Bachelorette,” since ABC has appointed Juan Pablo Galavis – of the past summer’s edition steered by Desiree Hartsock – as the latest fellow getting to have many dates in the quest for one mate. The woman also will have to have the makings of a good stepmother, since Galavis has a daughter, and you can just about bank on host Chris Harrison declaring one of more of the telecasts “The Most Dramatic ‘Bachelor’ Episode Yet!”