Michael Bublé is often compared to Harry Connick Jr. That makes sense on the surface – both men are known for tackling timeless jazz and pop standards in refreshing and contemporary ways, both are good-looking, yada yada yada. Connick, however, is a jazz musician of the first order, as pianist, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter. Bublé is, for the most part, none of these. He’s a good singer, certainly, and he chooses his repertoire wisely, is always surrounded by top-tier musicians, and fully invests himself in his performances. He’s not the musician that Connick is, but Bublé has something else, and he has it in abundance – charm. If you’ve seen the man in concert, you know that he comes across as a down-to-earth, self-effacing, humble and genuinely hilarious individual who clearly loves singing, and perhaps even more loves making a deep connection with his audience.

On his latest recording, “To Be Loved,” Bublé – with the help of longtime producer Bob Rock – captures all of that onstage charm in a collection of pop and jazz chestnuts and, for the first time, several songs he had a hand in writing. It’s a warm-hearted affair that posits Bublé as one of pop’s most affable superstars.

Bublé and his band will be performing much of this new material, along with a host of favorites from throughout the singer’s decade-plus career, at First Niagara Center on Tuesday, beginning at 8 p.m. Remaining tickets are priced $102, $77 and $57, and can be found at the First Niagara Center box office, or through

– Jeff Miers