I know what you’re thinking. It’s Friday, you’re waiting to bask in the pristine weather of the weekend and you’re wondering, “What am I supposed to do before and after Canalside’s Buffalo Brewers Festival?”

Yes, the NCAA basketball tourney for local beer geeks is due to hop off oat 3 p.m. Saturday. More than 30 New York State breweries will be in attendance to wield their IPAs, saisons and session ales while Florida bluesmaster J.J. Grey wails aside his harmonica. The sun will be shining over the Buffalo River, food trucks will line cobblestone, and you’ll be able to hear tattooed dudes stroke their beards and talk about things like “mouthfeel.” It’ll all be insightful, beautiful – and delicious.

But what if this isn’t enough? No problem. Ask for live music and the Nickel City will provide. Find a Rutherford B. Haze by Community Beer Works; taste a Sponge Candy Stout by Resurgence. Around it all is the Farrell Four:

Mac DeMarco, 7 p.m. July 18 in The Tralf (622 Main St.)

Since finishing high school in Edmonton in 2008, the inventive and Internet-savvy DeMarco has been carving out his unconventional reputation, whether with homemade albums, eccentric live shows or under his first marquee moniker, Makeout Videotape. Now, after the early-Beck-meets-Damon-Albarn echoes on “2” and his latest Pitchfork favorite “Salad Days,” he’s selling out venues from Brooklyn to San Francisco, being tabbed for Canada’s Polaris Music Prize, and rolling into Buffalo’s Theater District for what plans to be a hipster-heavy start to the weekend.

Before you go, listen to: “Let Her Go”

Where: Spotify on newest album, “Salad Days”

Venue and show information

The Maniacs, 11 p.m. July 18 in Mr. Goodbar (1110 Elmwood Ave.)

After absorbing DeMarco’s hazy acoustic yarns, you may want to hop a cab up Elmwood for a night with Buffalo’s self-proclaimed predominant Dead tribute band. Though Bryan Staddon and Co. will certainly lead you into Grateful classics like “One More Saturday Night” and “China Cat Sunflower,” they’ll also spin you out and around with their own deviations and creative jams. Add these offerings to a few pints of CBW Whale and you’ve got yourself a groovy evening.

Before you go, listen to: “Scarlet Begonias” on repeat.

Where: Google “The Grateful Dead’s Greatest Songs”

Venue and show info:

Mr. Boneless, 8 p.m. July 19 in The Gypsy Parlor (376 Grant St.)

With a mix of Americana, backwater blues and steamfolk, Buffalo’s Mr. Boneless are certainly not boring. They’re not lullaby quiet either, as exhibited with tracks like “Vetis” and “The Crossing” off their thumping new album “Cutting Teeth.” The four-piece will rip through these and others as part of a CD release party with Bumrush Booking mates Well Worn Boot inside Gypsy Parlor’s eclectic Saturday night environs.

Before you go, listen to: “Everything’s Alright”


Venue and show info:

A.J. Woods, 8 p.m. July 20 in Allen Street Hardware (245 Allen St.)

If you’re looking to wind down your weekend with hints of Bon Iver, Bill Callahan and Josh Ritter, then walk down Allen Street to find Albuquerque’s A.J. Woods, who will tour through evocative, folk-rock selections off the album “Adam Woods” inside Hardware’s intimate barroom. On past tour stops, Woods has joined the newest nonsensical trend by dealing out his harrowing and harmonious efforts via cassette tape. So good news for Lloyd Dobler loyalists or the oddballs among us who still have a tape deck in the car: your patience has been rewarded. Again.

Before you go, listen to: “Creosote”


Venue and show information: