Whatever your musical taste, it’s likely that at least one show of the many scheduled between now and mid-September at Artpark in Lewiston will hold some appeal for you. From country music to heavy metal to jam bands and back to folk again, Artpark has crafted an impressively diverse roster on both its outdoor and indoor amphitheater stages.

The season kicks into high gear right out of the gate this week, with two major shows filling the early days of the week. There were supposed to be three, but rock icon Morrissey, who was slated to perform Monday with Kristeen Young, canceled the remaining dates of his U.S. tour on Tuesday, due to illness. (Refunds are currently being processed.)

Now for the good news. Legendary jam band Widespread Panic will arrive for the second show in the weekly Tuesday in the Park series in the Outdoor Amphitheater. The legendary jam band, now in its 27th year of existence, boasts one of the most virtuosic roster in musicians in all of the genre. In guitarist Jimmy Herring, Widespread Panic can claim a player whose influence has spread far and wide, and whose name is spoken in hushed tones by the jam-band cognoscente. There will be no opening act for this show – the Panic lads will be performing twin sets, as is their wont, beginning at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. Advance general admission tickets are $7. After Sunday, the price jumps to $12. So getting yours prior to Sunday, through, might not be a bad idea.

Getting tickets for the last of the week’s Artpark shows is no longer an option, sadly. The Arctic Monkeys, rather unsurprisingly, sold the whole available lot of ducats for Wednesday’s Outdoor Ampithteater concert in rapid fashion. Adding Texas-born indie-rock powerhouse White Denim to the bill surely helped push this show over the edge, sales-wise.

– Jeff Miers