For months, you’ve heard the ads on the radio. For weeks, you’ve heard that cast-of-thousands arrangement of Pachelbel’s Canon, complete with children’s choir. Now, the rumbling grows louder every day. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra, led by Williamsville keyboardist Robert Kinkel, is on the road, with trucks laden with the band’s vast arsenal of sound and light equipment. And every day, the convoy draws closer to Buffalo.

This year, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is giving what the band calls the final performances of its rock opera “The Lost Christmas Eve.” Like other of the band’s creations, it amounts to a crazy mash-up of rock, metal and classical. “Queen of the Winter Night” is a nod to Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” – and then there’s “Wish Liszt.” Between are songs everyone knows, and, of course, that Pachelbel Canon.

The TSO plays at 3 and 7 p.m. Monday in the First Niagara Center. Tickets are $32.50-$70.50. For info, visit or the band’s massive website,

– Mary Kunz Goldman