George Lopez has hosted a late-night talk show (“Lopez Tonight” on TBS). He’s been a TV star, with an eponymous sitcom that ran for six seasons on ABC and a show called “Saint George” that had a 10-episode run on FX. He’s written books, appeared in movies, done voice-over work and is a regular on the TV and radio airwaves.

But for Lopez, 53, the best medium is the one that’s (mostly) unfiltered, and the one he’s bringing to the Seneca Niagara Casino Events Center at 8 p.m. Saturday – and that’s stand-up comedy.

“I’m past people saying, ‘Hey, we want you for you,’ and then trying to change me,” Lopez said in a recent interview with “And with stand-up, that’s never the case.”

Lopez is referring to network-TV hawks that hover over every controversial word and morsel of content. Those are worries he can toss aside in his stand-up act, which probes culture and race relations, among other often hot-button topics.

Lopez is in the midst of a stand-up tour that extends through the rest of the year. He’s working on material for a comedy special in 2015, which means the jokes he tells in Niagara Falls may serve as a preview of what’s to come – assuming the censors allow Lopez to be Lopez.

Tickets start at $45. Visit

— Tim O’Shei