LOCKPORT – Remember that movie “Sybil” from the 1970s, the one about the woman with multiple personalities? If you’re not a human antique like me, you might recall it as a made-for-TV special in 2007. Sybil gave a name to dissociative identity disorder – well, actually 16 different names, but that’s another story. What a character(s).

Anyway, Sybil would have felt right at home at Lock 34 Bar and Grill in Lockport.

By day, Lock 34 is a family-friendly facility featuring fine foods. Huge, airy and open, it’s a comfortable spot and whether you stop for lunch or dinner, the food is great and the prices affordable. Sit at a table or at the bar, it’s your choice and it’s all OK. Let’s call this Lock 34 manifestation Fauna-Flora Familiar.

By the dark of night, however, Lock 34’s alternate personality begins to exhibit. Especially after 11 p.m. or so on weekends, the place takes on the characteristics of a crowded, carousing club. Whether you’re looking to dance, crank out some contemporary karaoke or just hang out with friends, the drinks are plentiful and the prices reasonable. Let’s call this manifestation Charisma Cavorticus.

Given the circumstances, Lock 34 is a rare bird, indeed – a place virtually anyone can enjoy. And they make it easy to do so: a huge parking area behind the building makes access simple; lots of large-screen televisions are available to watch your favorite game; live music and dartboards are for your entertainment; and there’s a separate enclosed patio with its own bar. Heck, they even move some of the tables out of the way at night to facilitate dancing.

And then there are the specials: Happy hour (3 to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday) features half-price appetizers, $2 Bud Light drafts, $3 well drinks and $4 martinis. The drink selection is enviable and there’s just so much to do.

Ladies Night (usually on Wednesdays) features even more drink specials, along with the occasional outbreak of karaoke.

So take your pick: Fauna-Flora Familiar by day, Charisma Cavorticus by night. Whatever personality suits your persona, Lock 34 fills the bill.

Fauna offers far more than bar foods, with selections ranging from pizza to burgers, sandwiches to salads, steak to seafood, and costing from $5 to about $16. The menu isn’t extensive, but it is sufficient to please most tastes, with a wide range of appetizers and a variety of pizzas. Many dishes are named for local landmarks or people, such as the Bewley Bites (fried shrimp with cheddar cheese bites), George Southard deep fried pickles or the Anna Merritt Alfredo. Portions are plentiful.

Charisma offers a more limited, bar food-type menu. That’s good because less food equals more space for enjoying the simpler pleasures of life, such as drink. And dance. The outdoor patio favors current hits and is the place to be for those looking to cut a rug (even though there is none). If live music is more your cup of tea, Lock 34 has you covered in that arena, as well – again, with plenty of room to get up (or down, as the case may be) and boogie with the band.

Another nice thing about the place is that if things start to get a little stuffy inside, you can always wander a short distance and take in the many wonders of the New York State canal system. It’s a great place for fresh air, or to practice your stair-climbing. Free workout included.

In conclusion, then, Lock 34 is a big place with a big mission: pleasing as many folks as possible. It does so with a friendly staff, favorable conditions and affordable prices. Whether you prefer the daytime manifestation or the darker (yet lighter) nighttime variation, you’re bound to go home with a smile on your face – no matter how many faces you have.