For many years, the students of Locust Street Neighborhood Art Classes (138 Locust St.) have drawn inspiration from guided excursions into the surrounding city. Through organized field trips, painting and photography students at the community institution have created a de facto chronicle of Buffalo’s gradually shifting streetscape.

In “Visual Notes: Process and Perspective,” Locust Street students show off their latest attempts to capture the city’s constantly fluctuating rhythms and textures. Their trips to places like Canalside and Silo City have yielded a vibrant new body of work, from stark black-and-white photographs of grain elevators to riotously colored paintings of the bustling activity on the waterfront.

Kenn Morgan, a longtime photography instructor at Locust Street, shared the philosophy behind the field trips in a release: “The objective is to slow down and get students to look and see and observe the area that they’re in. This in turn will help them become a photographer and not just a picture-taker, and will help future generations to get an understanding of the conditions of how things were and looked in our time period.”

The show opens at 4:30 p.m. Friday with a reception and runs through March 6. Call 852-4562 or visit

– Colin Dabkowski