When it comes to reducing specific kinds of loneliness or sorrow into a single word, the Germans have it figured out.

Take their word “Waldeinsamkeit,” which translates roughly as “the feeling of being alone in the woods.” That word serves as the title and inspiration for a new environmental installation opening Friday in Glow Gallery, the new art space at 224 Allen St., curated by 464 Gallery owner Marcus Wise.

According to a statement, the project, created by artists Tara Sasiadek and Jon Furman, “is meant to explore the sensations of the forest through painted and printed tree trunks, projected animations, and an overhead installation of woven lines replicating a forest canopy.” Sasiadek, whose work has been on view at the Echo Art Fair, City of Night and the Buffalo Infringement Festival, said she hopes the installation will cause people to slow down, pause for a moment and “look deeply and carefully” at their surroundings.

The installation opens with a reception at 6 p.m. Friday as part of the monthly Allentown First Fridays event and runs through Jan. 26. Call 983-2112 or visit

– Colin Dabkowski