A friend of mine has gone into what she calls August Panic.

Panic may be too strong a word, but I know what she’s talking about. It’s the feeling so many of us get when we realize summer is nearing its end, and we haven’t 1) made it to the beach, 2) taken the kids to the Transit Drive-In, and 3) done all those other things we’re supposed to do in the summer.

It’s realizing you have an approaching deadline for having the school health forms filled out and signed. It’s knowing that the cousins are already back to class in Tennessee. It’s wondering how many books your kids have read so far this summer and how many they were supposed to read.

It’s seeing that the Erie County Fair has opened, and we all know what that means. Goodbye, summer.

If you really want to remind yourself how time flies, just bump into people you haven’t seen in a while at the supermarket this time of year. They’ll tell you they can’t believe your daughter is entering high school. You’ll tell them you can’t believe their son is starting his senior year in college – and that you remember when he was in kindergarten.

But let’s turn positive here. There are still 23 days left in August counting today (every hour counts).

That’s more than three weeks to embrace. Maybe you won’t get around to holding that garage sale, hosting a family reunion or planning that block party you and the neighbors have been talking about for years.

But there is plenty of time to enjoy cool summer evenings, have a few people over, plan a day trip, prepare for school, get a gift off to the bride-to-be whose shower you had to miss.

I asked a few friends and co-workers what is on their August “To Do” list. Here’s what we came up with:

• Buy a summer dress on sale.

• Finish writing my book.

• Tour the Darwin Martin House.

• Take my mother for a drive through her childhood neighborhood.

• Take the family on a day trip to Toronto.

• Make sure the house is in order before the school year starts.

• Paint the house trim and shutters.

• Go to Fantasy Island.

• Go to Fantasy Island one more time.

• Buy school supplies as early as possible to avoid last-minute madness.

• Decide now what to plant in the yard come fall.

• Go kayaking.

• Can a “basement-full” of peaches.

• Buy new eyeglasses.

And, my favorite, plan something fun for September.