Perfectly polite

Buzz feels bad for the people overseas who do their best to assist us with our tech services needs. Recently, trying to sort out an array of cellphone problems, our brother George wound up in a call with a gentleman in India. George admired how unflaggingly polite the man was, talking him through a series of possible solutions. “Perfect,” the rep would say at every juncture. “OK, now I see a new screen,” George might say. “Perfect,” the tech guy would say. “Now it’s beeping.” “Perfect.” Etc. But in the end, fail. “Try this,” the rep said, describing a last-ditch solution. Alas, no go in Buffalo. “It didn’t work,” George said. A continent away, the tech services guy sighed. He said, “Perfect.”

Honesty on Elmwood

A Delaware District woman we know likes to shop at a place she calls the “cheapie market,” aka Price Rite. Last week, she emerged from the Elmwood store with two bags of groceries and had driven two blocks when her heart sank. “I realized, my God, I didn’t have my handbag,” she said. She turned around, already resigned to having to get a new Nexus pass and new IDs and, worst of all, rotting in line at the dreaded DMV. However! The store office was ready for her. The purse was there! With everything in it. “A boy who worked there turned it in,” our friend said. “Oh, I thanked him ever so much. I gave him $10 – all I had in the purse was about $35 – and the money was the least of it. There’s so much bad news all the time, I thought this would make people feel good.” It does! And so will the yummy Quaker Bonnet macaroons which, our friend confides, may frequently be had at Price Rite at a cheapie price. “The last aisle, with the bread,” she said. We’ll see you there.

El Capitan

Cheap is in! A bunch of UB employees wanting to get away from the boss and dish the dirt on their lunch break went to El Palenque (it means “the table”), the cheapie restaurant at Sheridan and Eggert also known as the Mexican Denny’s, because it used to be a Denny’s. But – foiled! Who was at the next palenque but Satish K. Tripathi, the UB president! The employees were astonished – and impressed – that such a VIP was dining at El Palenque. On the other hand, as one of them sighed, “We couldn’t talk.”

Fiddler made a goof

Matthew Tosca, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra’s new apprentice conductor, recently got good news and bad news. The good news: He was to make a high-profile appearance at Kleinhans Music Hall. The bad news: He had to play atrociously! The BPO was presenting “Mozart and Salieri,” an 1898 opera by Rimsky-Korsakov, and they needed someone who could walk on stage with a violin and play a Mozart aria really badly. As BPO Music Director JoAnn Falletta explained: “Matthew is a very fine violinist but will have to deliberately play badly as an untrained street musician.” End result, as we say here in Buffalo, Friday and Saturday, there Tosca was, in front of a big crowd, obediently screeching through “Batti, Batti” from “Don Giovanni.” A bravo to you, sir, for your bad playing.

The Buzz

Isn’t it exciting, that reality TV bar planned for Chippewa? Buzz doesn’t know what we want to do more, tune into the show, or go to the bar, run our mouth and get on camera. … How is this for a Buffalo forecast? Don Paul predicted the other day that wintry would change to frigid.


“No matter how cold it is outside, it’s never too chilly for a Pepsi!”

— Ad blaring over the speakers at Noco outside on a freezing night