The human touch

What can make you feel better about your chaotic life? Realizing that even Wegmans isn’t perfect. In the bathroom at the Dick Road Wegmans the other day, a boss was instructing an underling on unlocking the cabinets. “We had to replace all the locks because someone lost the keys,” the boss said, adding that the same thing had happened with the shopping carts outside. Ha, ha! Not only that, but we were charmed to find, at that Wegmans, the kind of impromptu markdown you used to find at Jubilee, with Magic Marker writing on a piece of white paper. You never see that at Wegmans! The special was for sparkling water, 99 cents. Complete with “While Supplies Last.”

Frozen treats

So what if your teeth are chattering? You can still laugh. On one zero-degree night, three people were skating on the Fountain Plaza rink. (This being Buffalo, you knew there would be somebody.) A friend came home that same night to find a skunk on his doorstep, apparently hoping to come in from the cold. There was the joy of waking up to a forecast saying, “Seven degrees, feels like 8 below.” And at the Ice Wine Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake, tasting the wine was almost as much fun as watching the people not dressed for the weather. One young gentleman was jumping up and down buying tokens while wearing a thin windbreaker. He said, gesturing to the young woman he was with, “She didn’t tell me it was outside.” Everyone else, in furs and down jackets, was laughing. It looked like a first date. We don’t think there will be another.

Bridesmaid revisited

Ladies, alert: The History Museum’s Connie Caldwell is going around popping the question: Do you have a dress to donate to “Always a Bridesmaid,” the museum’s upcoming bridesmaid gown exhibit? Hmmm. Buzz has a dress we wore once as a bridesmaid. But we actually like the dress. And so we hesitated on our answer. One who did not hesitate was Broadcasting Hall of Fame member Doris Jones. “Oh, honey,” the elegant, oft-married Miss Jones demurred. “I’m always a bride, never a bridesmaid.”

Cut rate

It’s still only January, your boots and cars are covered with salt, and you’ve got permanent hat-head. Buffalo Barbering School to the rescue! From now through March, the school, part of the Buffalo School of Cosmetology located at 2625 Delaware Ave., is offering a special: Everything is free! They offer full haircuts (guys and girls), Full Wet Shaves, Eye Brows Arched and Facials; and – aaahhh! – Head, Neck and Shoulder Massages. Call 871-1029 for an appointment. And don’t be shy. The students need the practice. “They need to do massive amounts of haircuts,” said school coordinator Brenda Carmina. “Huge amounts. We really need to bump up the volume coming in.”

The buzz

Who needs to stay home in the cold? Not Buffalonians! Reasons that people we know went out on frigid nights included to photograph the Niagara River rapids and to attend a marmalade-making class. ... Your excuse Wednesday to venture out: From 6 to 11 p.m., the Sportsmen’s Tavern, 326 Amherst St., plays host to its Sportsmen’s American Music Association Winter Jam. It’s $20, and on tap are musicians including the great Mr. Conrad and the Excellos, as well as lots of frothy ales.


“As long as you’ve got a smile on your face and you’re keeping the groove, it doesn’t matter what else happens.”

– Jazz singer Mari McNeil, between songs.