Hamburger on a roll

The area competition for Most Frivolous Violation of a Driving Ban is keen. But we think we have a winner from the last blizzard. It is a woman who drove through the worst of it to go to Southtowns Fitness. What’s so special about that? you say, you hardened Buffalonian you. Here’s what’s special about it: She drove to the gym so she could tan! The gym happened to be open because the owner was there to see to a broken furnace, is what Buzz heard. Says our source: “He could not believe she showed up to go tanning. In a blizzard!” Hey, that’s the spirit that made our town great.

Forever Young

Filling in for host on WBEN-AM is not enough for Michael Caputo. No, he had to put up a picture of himself on Facebook posing with rocker Neil Young. He wrote, “Now I’m hanging with Neil Young. Gulp.” Young looked weathered, but in a cool way, and he had a kind of dreamy look on his face as if thrilled to be in the presence of Caputo. As one onlooker commented: “It’s always been Neil’s dream to hang out with a middle-aged Republican guy in a Brooks Brothers suit.” Caputo, for his part, was simply grinning. A friend wrote: “Mike will never grow up.”

Feeding frenzy

Just into January, and Buzz, having boldly announced our New Year’s resolution to work our way through the Buffalo Drink Deck (buy one, get one, at 25 different Buffalo bars), has challenged ourself further by returning to Valu Home Center to buy the City Dining Cards, which give you a $10 discount at 30 locally owned restaurants. The Hertel restaurant Craving features “Daily Chef’s Cravings.” Kaydara Noodle Bar has Shrimp Feet, and Laughlin’s Beef and Barrel hypes Hog Wings – oink. Our favorite is Lagerhaus 95, which offers the Hindenburger. We’ve already eaten up two cards, for Tokyo II and Scharf’s Schiller Park. One card a week should do it. At last, an eating plan we can stick to.

The Buzz

Kudos and wassail to M&T Bank downtown, which as of the weekend still had its Christmas trees – a vast array of them – up and lit up. Buzz’s tree is still up too and will be so until at least Candlemas. The medieval feast of Candlemas (not to be confused with the Swedish metal doom band Candlemass) is Feb. 2 and gives you an excuse to keep those lights on. … Truth in Advertising Award goes to “Dr. Dirty” John Valby, playing at 8 p.m. Friday at Howdee’s in Clarence. “When he’s not playing and singing, he yells obscenities,” the concert announcement reads, in part. Why can’t everyone who does that warn us like that? … Stopping into CVS to look for post-holiday specials, Buzz was embraced by pink and red hearts. Guess it’s Valentine’s Day! Fine with us. Bring on that chocolate.


“Observation: Now, when there is a southerly, downslope flow, the smell of Popeye’s grease wafts up into Kenmore when you’re headed down Elmwood.”

– Channel 4’s Don Paul, on Facebook