An ‘A’ for effort

Tom Dudzick’s “Miracle on South Division Street,” on stage at the Kavinoky, not only glorifies Buffalo, it glorifies the Buffalo accent. In 2011, the New York Times ran a review of a New York production that featured actors Rusty Ross, Andrea Maulella, Peggy Cosgrave and Liz Zazzi. All rather Buffalo names, might we observe. But apparently not Buffalo folks. The reviewer wrote the last paragraph: “The players are all very comfortable in their roles – Cosgrave gets the most laughs – though only Zazzi has the hard A of the Buffalo accent nailed.” Could Buzz wind up a Broadway baby? We are the master of that Buffalo “A.”

Fire and ice

The suave Mexican conductor Carlos Miguel Prieto, conducting Vivaldi at the Philharmonic over the weekend, got to Buffalo exhausted Thursday and, declining dinner, went piously to his hotel to bed. Next day, though, the BPO was buzzing about Friday night’s Sabres game. And the maestro chimed in. “I was there,” he said. What? How? Here is the strange story, as Buzz understands it: Prieto had been asleep an hour when a ruckus awoke him. Fearing disaster, he got up and opened his door. The hall was full of bellowing guys in Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys. “What’s going on?” Prieto asked in his accent. They said, “Are you coming to the arena?” Prieto was new to hockey, but he was game. “I’ll go,” he said, and was swept along. To him it was quite the scene, with players getting slammed into the Plexiglas, Buffalonians yelling things about the Toronto mayor and everyone filling him in on the Ted Nolan and Pat LaFontaine situation. He realized he was seated among Leafs fans. “I didn’t want people to hold it against me,” he said. No problemo. The BPO crowd embraced him. As a BPO board member said: “People in Buffalo, we love it, when someone stumbles into something and is a good sport.”

And call it Macaroni

A big, gooey welcome to … to … What is the name, anyway, of that new food truck selling macaroni and cheese? Zilly Mac? Merry Mac? Oh, right, Fally Mac. Buzz loves the street food trend. However, two questions: One, why are we still waiting for a french fry truck? (Once, we emerged from Belgium remembering nothing but that they sold french fries on the street.) And two: Why not call the mac-and-cheese truck the Mac Truck? You wake up feeling overstuffed? “I feel like I got run over by that Mac Truck.” Give in to temptation? “My diet was going great until I got hit by that Mac Truck.” Plus, we would also be able to summon it that much more easily. Craving carbs? “Where’s that Mac Truck? And by the way, how much to rent it?”

Wishful thinking

Wandering downtown, planning our holiday shopping, we got to staring at a big plush bison in the window of the Buffalo gift shop in the Main Place Mall. It was about 3 feet high and 4 feet wide and had an “I love wings” cap on. We had to have it! Alas, it was out of our price range. How much is that Buffalo in the window? That buffalo is $999! ... Elsewhere on the holiday front, we had to laugh at the unromantic ad for Kohls on Joy FM, the Christmas station: “ ’Tis the season for limited time offers.” Here’s a better idea: “Give them Kohls in their stockings.” No, you don’t have to pay us, Kohls. It’s our gift to you.

The buzz

We love the piles of old volumes stacked in the window of the WNY Book Arts Center. And they had hilarious titles. One Balzac book is “The Celibates,” and another is “The Wild Ass’ Skin.” ... Could cigars be the new health food? Buffalo expat Cigar Dave, on his syndicated radio show Saturday, said: “If you smoke the vegetable, I think that should count.”


“Turkey stuffed with piggy.”

– Free cookbook at Aldi, explaining a recipe called “Tiggy.”