Snowdrifts and the roar of plows are likely to be replaced by puddles and the hum of sump pumps across Western New York as winter officially arrives over the weekend.

A warm-up is due, the National Weather Service says, and the meltdown of all the snow that’s accumulated during the past week could be accelerated by rain. Rainfall may total as much as 2 inches before the weekend is over.

Showers are supposed to arrive late tonight as a flow of southerly air pushes temperatures into the mid to upper 30s and will continue periodically Friday as highs climb into the 40s.

After a brief dry spell early Saturday, a new surge of warm, moist air is forecast to spread heavier rain over the region. Depending on how warm it gets, flooding could become a major concern until the rain tapers off late Sunday and below-freezing temperatures return early next week.