DUNKIRK – Town Board members have decided to pursue grant funding to help pay for a new water service district including part of Roberts and New roads in the Town of Dunkirk.

The action came Tuesday at the regular meeting of the Town Board. Supervisor Richard Purol said the initial cost of $10,000 will be out of the town’s general fund. The cost will include grant preparation and some preliminary engineering work. The town intends to apply for grant funding this fall for the new service area.

More than 50 people attended a special meeting held recently on the proposed new service area. Many town residents spoke in favor of creating a new district that would purchase water from the City of Dunkirk and have lines large enough for fire hydrants to be installed in their area.

Town Board members backed the plan to seek funding and do the initial site work to create the new water service area within the town’s existing district.

A second water service project is being considered for the west end of the town. Purol said the town will work with Pomfret and Brocton to review costs for lines from the Brigham Road area.

In other matters, the resignation of Jon Ortendahl was accepted. He served 11 years on the Planning Board and is moving from the area. Purol said that he always returned the pay for serving and said he did it as community service to the town.

The board members are considering a new law that would prohibit parking in fire lane areas. The request came from the East Town of Dunkirk Fire Department. The town will consider special signs prohibiting parking on Vineyard Drive, especially at the D&F Plaza. The supervisor asked board members to review the proposal and consider that a public hearing will be needed to enact the law.

A plan of correction for bookkeeping issues with Town Court was reviewed by board members and approved. The supervisor said the court was cited for accounting issues in a recent state audit report. He said that no money was found missing, but that filing and record keeping needed improvements. The town will implement a computerized system for the court.

Purol reported that he sent a letter to the state Department of Transportation requesting consideration of a traffic light on Route 60 at Williams Street.