The Aurora Town Board plans to commission an engineering report and develop a plan for the deteriorating Brooklea Drive culvert.

“We still don’t think that we own this bridge, but we’re going to move ahead,” said board member Susan Friess during a meeting Monday. “We owe that to our residents.”

Town officials also hope to persuade the Village of East Aurora to split the cost of the work.

Town Supervisor Jolene Jeffe read a five-page resolution on the issue that placed the culvert ownership to 1961, when the Village of East Aurora approved a subdivision on Brooklea.

The issue emerged at Monday’s meeting following criticism at a meeting earlier this month by Town Board candidate David Majka.

By meeting’s end Monday, Majka appeared to be pleased.

“I’m glad something’s getting done,” he said.

The state in 2010 “yellow- flagged” the culvert and asked the town to come up with a solution to the problem. The “yellow flag” rating means the problem can be handled by a municipality at its own pace, that there is no immediate danger.

And while East Aurora is not offering to share expenses on the project, estimated by Jeffe to cost about $100,000, Trustee James Collins said the town needs to share the cost with the village.

“We will fix this bridge together,” he said.

And after the meeting, Councilman Jeffrey Harris said the village has an obligation to help.

“If we do have to repair,” he said, “we’re going to bill them.”

In other matters, the board agreed to a change in the number of housing units at the new Polo Grounds community on Quaker Road – to 15 single homes and 16 double units, from 13 single homes and 17 doubles approved in 2007.

Earlier this month, residents approached the board in support of the developer’s request to complete the project more quickly. The developer is Frank Chinnici of Legacy Development.