An amended law in the town of Concord will shorten the number of days stray dogs will be held before they are given to the SPCA.

The Town Board approved the change from seven to five days Thursday night.

When the animal control officer finds a stray dog with no identification, the dog will be kept for five days. On the fifth day, the canine will be taken to an SPCA shelter for possible adoption. If the dog is too sick or injured to be adopted, a veterinarian will euthanize it.

Board members altered the law to comply with the state requirement.

Rick Atkinson, town code enforcement officer, was the only speaker during the public hearing about the law.

Officials also set the hours for a referendum to allow the construction of a senior citizens’ center. The referendum will be from noon to 8 p.m. Aug. 12 in the Town Hall.

Proposed for Commerce Drive near Waverly Street, the 6,500-square-foot center will cost an estimated maximum of $1,785,000. If the project is approved, the board will borrow the money through bonds.