What you need to know: In an effort to reduce costs, the school district will continue to share a superintendent with Barker schools, as well as other services, including two sports programs and some special-education services.

Candidates (Elect 3):

Keith Bond (i), 57, a caterer, who has one child in the district and one who graduated.

Kenneth Koch (i), 52, a network engineer, with three children in the district.

Jeffrey Waters (i), 45, a police officer with five children, four currently in the district.

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Total budget: $22,363,886, up 1.54 percent.

Percent of budget from property taxes: 43.10 percent.

Percent of budget from state aid: 48.32 percent.

Tax levy (total amount to be raised through property taxes): $9,639,652, up 2.94 percent.

Tax levy increase allowed under tax cap: 2.94 percent.

Property tax rate per $1,000 of assessed value: $24 in Royalton, up 2.94 percent; $22.08 in Hartland, up 2.94 percent; $22.08 in Lockport, up 2.94 percent; $22.76 in Alabama, up 2.94 percent; $22.08 in Ridgeway, up 2.94 percent; and $22.08 in Shelby, up 2.94 percent.

Polls open: Noon to 8 p.m. at Roy-Hart High School, 54 State St.

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