NIAGARA FALLS – Universal Wireless reported $15,000 worth of cell phones stolen in a break-in between 2 a.m.and 3 a.m. Wednesday at the store at 2930 Pine Ave.

Police were called because of a broken front door window. Inside, they found three large pieces of cement that were used to break the windows. Damage was estimated at $2,000

A total of 35 cell phones, valued at $15,000 were reported stolen.

The owner said he had 32 security cameras, which police said showed four males breaking in at 2:10 a.m., opening display cases and removing phones, as well as opening doors, drawers and desks and putting the phones into dark-colored bags and then leaving at 3 a.m., fleeing westbound on Pine Avenue.

All of the suspects were wearing hoods pulled tight and gloves, but the cameras were able to get partial facial shots, according to police.