Orchard Park

The Orchard Park School Board has revised its 2013-14 school calendar, adding additional student attendance days to make up for seven snow days so far this winter.

In order to meet the state Education Department’s requirement for 180 days of student attendance, the district changed March 28 to a full day of attendance instead of being used for staff development. It also made April 21 a full day of attendance for all grade levels, shortening spring recess by one day.

May 23 will be a conference day, so students will have off from school. But if another snow day is required, May 23 would become a full attendance day for all students.

Further, elementary students will have full days on June 23 and 24, instead of half days. The last elementary attendance day will be June 24.

“We’re trying to get more student dates in prior to testing dates and the advanced placement exams, with the hope to capitalize on the lost instructional days due to snow days,” Superintendent Matthew P. McGarrity said.

Last week, administrators presented the School Board with a second budget draft that shaves the projected budget shortfall from $2.2 million to just shy of $160,000. The draft calls for 16 full-time equivalent staff cuts, along with cuts to programs and in other areas.

Cost-saving suggestions include switching to electronic report cards to save $10,000 and increasing the facilities’ use charges, to boost revenue by $25,000.

There’s also a suggestion to pay substitute teachers $89 daily. Currently, regular subs get $89, building subs are paid $101 and retired Orchard Park teachers are paid $118.

The School Board next meets on March 11, when administrators plans to release more 2014-15 budget details.

Also this week:

• The Town Board will hold a work session at 6 p.m. Wednesday in the supervisor’s conference room, followed by a regular meeting at 7 in the board room in the municipal center, 4295 S. Buffalo St.