U.S. should be outraged over Israeli ‘self-defense’

If any other nation in the world practiced outright ethnic cleansing in the manner that Israel has for 60 years, the United States would understandably be scandalized. Yet not only have we ignored right-wing Israel’s aggression against Muslims and Christian Palestinians who live in Israel, but we have supported it, shamefully, dishonorably.

How can there be peace in the Middle East when we fail to speak out against the most recent bombing of Gaza, a savage measure designed to punish hundreds, perhaps thousands, for the terrible deaths of three Orthodox Jewish boys, whose murderers remain unknown. Israel simply gives the murderous attack a name like “Protective Edge” and many turn away from the news item in disgust and go on believing that the Palestinians are the aggressors.

Then, too, isn’t the violent handiwork of ISIS, in part, a response to our unjustified bombing of Iraq as well as an alarming history of assisting Israel in its building of penal walls, annexing of Arab land and inhumane treatment of non-Jews? Expect the American press, once again, to magically turn this latest outrage into still another so-called exercise in Israeli self-defense.

Francis Weiss