Most golfers know being able to get up and down around the greens on a consistent basis is an important part of your game.

Chipping made simple is an easy way to turn bogeys into pars.

Find a practice green that you have the ability to hit short-, medium- and long-range chip shots on. Start with a sand wedge and take your normal chipping stance.

One important part of your stance is making sure more of your weight is on your front foot. Take a few practice swings in which you take the club back about 2 feet, then follow through about 3 feet.

Once you feel comfortable with the stroke, go ahead and hit about 10 shots with your sand wedge. After those 10, switch to a pitching wedge. Repeat the same process for 10 more balls, taking a 2-foot backswing and following through 3 feet. After those 10, switch to an 8-iron and repeat the same process for 10 more balls. What you should see is three different groupings of golf balls.

Using this method teaches you it is easier to change golf clubs than to change your swing. Also, by taking the club back 2 feet and following through 3 feet, you are accelerating through the ball, resulting in better contact. Over time and with practice, you can start using other clubs in your bag with this process.

Josh Wojtaszczyk is the head golf professional at Harvest Hill Golf Course. See Wojtaszczyk’s video demonstration of this tip above. WNY PGA club pros will offer weekly tips in Wednesday’s editions of The News.

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