Supervisor Dino J. Fudoli took a little heat this week from a few residents over why the Town Board’s first meeting and reorganization session of the year was held Jan. 6, just as bad weather was beginning that ended up developing into a blizzard by the following morning.

Fudoli explained that he was inside Town Hall at the time, late in the afternoon of Jan. 6, and did not realize just how bad the weather was becoming. “There was a travel advisory at the time, and no driving bans,” he said. “The procedure to cancel a meeting would have been too difficult. It was a judgment call.”

Fudoli noted that it’s up to the supervisor to call the meetings and cancel them. “It’s on my shoulders,” he said.

Also weather-related, Highway Superintendent Daniel Amatura noted during the town’s work session Monday that with the tough winter weather so far, his department has already had to use about half of the budgeted salt supply. Also, one third of his department’s overtime budget has already been spent for the year. “It is what it is,” Amatura said. “We saved on it last year.”

The matter of a switch in appointments of a new member to the Lancaster Industrial Development Agency board came up again in conversation at Town Hall.

Fudoli, a Republican, had wanted Robert Klaczyk re-appointed to the LIDA board for 2014, but the Democratic-controlled Town Board instead decided not to re-appoint him and instead appointed Village Trustee Kenneth O’Brien III to the position.

Resident Lee Chowaniec asked why Klaczyk was not reappointed, and Fudoli told him to ask the Town Board. “It was their appointment. I was told I didn’t have enough votes to stop it,” Fudoli said, noting he voted against the appointment of O’Brien.

Councilman Mark Aquino, a Democrat, said that O’Brien was interested in appointment to the IDA board a year ago. “I felt he was a good candidate and had banking experience,” Aquino said. “I thought it was proper to have a village official on the board. We thought Mr. O’Brien was a better fit, with the development going on in the village. Plus, Mr. Klaczyk missed five of 10 IDA board meetings last year.”

The Village of Lancaster has learned from Erie County environmental and planning officials that its sidewalk improvement project was not recommended for funding through the 2014 Community Development Block Grant program.

The village also is on the verge of signing a contract for architectural services to help complete a village application for the National Register of Historic Places District Nomination project, with funds received from a local grant and required village matching funds.

In addition, the Village Board on Monday is poised to approve an agreement with Donald Gallo, a consulting engineer, for $83,700 for engineering services for the design, construction and inspection of the West Main Street Extension project.

Also this week:

• The Lancaster Village Board meets in a work session at 6 p.m. Monday, followed by a regular business session at 7 p.m. in the Lancaster Municipal Building, 5423 Broadway. At 7:15 p.m., there is a public hearing on road markings on Central Ave.

• The Lancaster School Board meets at 7 p.m. Monday in the former Central Avenue School Building, immediately followed by a work session.