The secretary of the Hamburg school superintendent said a board member “looked crazy” and harassed her before a School Board meeting in March.

Jennifer Lackie, who also is the confidential secretary to the board, said Board Member Catherine Schrauth Forcucci harassed her twice on the telephone before confronting her and blocking her exit from a school restroom in March.

“What in the world is this crazy lady doing,” Lackie recalled thinking, adding, “You don’t treat people like that.”

Lackie, who was among the witnesses who testified Wednesday at a School Board hearing, said Schrauth Forcucci was upset that she had given Schrauth Forcucci’s cellphone number to the state Comptroller’s Office, and that she told the superintendent about the upsetting phone calls.

Schrauth Forcucci is charged with official misconduct, and could be removed from the board if the charges are upheld by the School Board.

Also testifying Wednesday night were personnel clerk Sharon Matern and Board President David Yoviene. All testified that Schrauth Forcucci berated and/or verbally abused them on different occasions.

Wednesday was the sixth night of testimony.

The board also has heard testimony from Superintendent Richard Jetter, his wife, Jennifer, Union-Pleasant Elementary Principal Jackie Peffer and Board Member Laura Heeter. They described incidents involving Schrauth Forcucci outside a Buffalo law office and before or during executive sessions of the School Board where they said she was loud, “spooky,” screaming and/or out of control.

Schrauth Forcucci denies the charges.