Erie County Clerk Christopher Jacobs is not only urging motorists to renew their vehicle registrations locally, but he also wants shoppers to patronize local businesses as a means to help enrich the local economy and enhance county government coffers.

Jacobs’ message is going out in anticipation of next weekend’s “Small Business Saturday,” a day dedicated to supporting local businesses across the country and celebrated on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

That’s when bargain-hunters will be greeted with green “Renew Local” mailboxes placed outside the county’s Auto Bureaus in area shopping centers, including the Northtown Plaza, Eastern Hills Mall in Clarence and Urbandale Plaza in Depew.

Motorists can use the boxes to drop off their filled-out registration renewal forms and the specified check amount, made payable to the Erie County Clerk, in the postage-paid green envelope, Jacobs said.

The county loses 12.7 percent of the fees collected by the state, or more than $1.5 million annually, when local motorists decline to renew their vehicle registration with the County Clerk’s Office and send them instead directly to the state, he said.

The revenue is critical to support services that are supported by the county’s general fund, Jacobs added.