SILVER CREEK – A Babcock Street woman has a raccoon problem – and Village Mayor Nick Piccolo told a resident he would try to find a solution.

Gina Hallmark told board members at the regular meeting Monday that she has paid hundreds of dollars to have the raccoons trapped and removed from her property and said she cannot allow children to play in her yard because of the feces left behind.

She said she trapped another raccoon earlier Monday before coming to the village meeting.

Hallmark said she has checked her neighborhood and believes the problem is being complicated by people who leave cat food out for the feral felines in the neighborhood.

A Burgess Street resident confirmed that the raccoons are a problem in her neighborhood as well.

The mayor said he has also seen people leave food out for the animals and knows that both cats and raccoons are living in the former high school, which has been vacant since 1979.

Piccolo agreed that area residents should not be feeding stray cats or raccoons. Piccolo agreed to look into the issue.

In other business before the board members:

• A payment of $199,481 will be withheld from Visone Construction on the waterline project. “I am not happy with Visone,” said Piccolo. The mayor said he has received numerous complaints about landscaping and work not done on the waterline project. He also said the firm has not responded to other requests from the village. He said he intends to follow up with a phone call to the contractor. Trustee Warren Kelly voted against withholding payment. Kelly said that the contractor and village’s engineer should be consulted first to talk about the time frame and quality of work.

• Board members met with Fire Chief James Tytka, who said he would like to call a meeting of the chiefs of the five departments in the Town of Hanover. Tytka said he was hoping for cooperation on training and specialized equipment uses among the departments and volunteers.

• Piccolo reported that there are two serious buyers for the former reservoir property near Hopper Road. He said the village will seek quotes on cutting and selling timber off the land first before prices are received on the property.