The Manufacturers Alliance of New York is calling for the Dunkirk and Cayuga power plants to be repowered with natural gas generation. The alliance submitted two filings with comments urging the move to natural gas and outlining the effects that will come from not doing so.

The alliance argued that manufacturers rely on competitively priced electricity and that New York’s electricity prices are among the highest in the nation. The group said having local power ensures a “level of reliability that would be eliminated” if the plants aren’t repowered.

The filings also stated that if the plants were to shut down, power would “likely” have to come from Pennsylvania or Ohio. With demand coming from New York, Pennsylvania would need to burn more coal, causing more emissions, the association argued. But repowering the current plants with natural gas would be a “more reliable, safer and local solution.” Regarding commerce, jobs, the economy and the environment, the group’s president, Randy Wolken, said that the repowering of the plants would be a “win-win for New York State.”