FORESTVILLE – Village trustees decided unanimously Tuesday to support forming a water district for residents of the Bennett State Road area outside the village.

Trustees adopted a motion by Trustee Kevin Johnson to pursue a formal water district with the residents. He said it is in the best interest of the residents and the village to have a district.

The village already invested about $150,000 to bring water to that area. By forming a district within the next few months, any costs will be able to be rolled into the long-term financing for the villagewide system. The long-term notes will have no interest.

Johnson’s motion included asking Village Attorney Michael Sullivan to pursue the actions needed to form the district. Sullivan agreed to take over the legal paperwork for the action.

Residents of Bennett State Road will receive letters about the district process with their next bill.

Johnson said he was concerned about unpaid water bills. He said the village has had a policy in place since 1991 that allows it to turn off the water supply to users who do not pay their bill. Johnson said the unpaid accounts will be sent certified letters confirming their need to pay the arrears.

Water project issues dominated the meeting. Trustee Mindy Borrello read a report from the Department of Public Works that water service using the new supply springs has been tested at several locations and is connected at both the high school and elementary school buildings.

Homes and businesses are currently being connected. The Chautauqua County Health Department has been testing the new connections to various homes and businesses.

Some residents may have to reconnect outbuildings such as barns. Johnson said the village may have to look at a policy on water line connections so they are sure that all water use is metered and paid for.