DUNKIRK – The City of Dunkirk will renew $12.4 million in bond anticipation notes this week.

At the regular meeting of the Finance Committee held in City Hall, members learned that the funding sought would pay for a portion of the water system improvements that have been completed or are started.

City Treasurer Mark Woods said that the entire project would be paid for with long-term financing once the final phases of construction are completed and costs are known.

Committee members looked at the costs of city festivals and events. Councilwoman Stacy Szukala said she wanted to reduce the budget for the July 4 fireworks show. She said she would support a $5,000 reduction in the $30,000 budget for the event.

“I don’t think people are not going to come because we only spend $25,000,” she said.

Councilwoman Stephanie Kiyak said she would support that the budget for fireworks be funded solely by donations from the community.

The committee members looked at what communities of similar size charge for the use of public facilities like parks and ball fields for events. Szukala said she thought each committee member should submit a proposal for the fees that could be charged for these events. The city provides the facilities for free to most organizations.

Mayor A.J. Dolce reported that the city has not yet received documentation about grant funds for replacement of the sea wall.

He said he hopes to receive information soon so bids can be let for the project this summer.

The city received $790,000 in various grants for replacement of the sea wall and other improvements in the harbor area.