The saucy fried treat being feted at the National Buffalo Wing Festival at Coca-Cola Field this weekend may or may not have a black market across the border.

Canadian media outlets reported Saturday on the latest developments in a large-scale cheese-smuggling operation that resulted last year in the arrests of three Fort Erie, Ont., men, including two police officers.

One of the men, Casey Langelaan, 49, was fined $15,000 on Friday after pleading guilty to his role in the smuggling.

It turns out that Langelaan wasn’t just smuggling cheese from the United States to be sold to southern Ontario restaurants.

He also brought over “copious” amounts of chicken wings, according to the Niagara Falls Review, which sent a reporter to a hearing for the former Niagara Regional Police officer in Ontario Court of Justice, St. Catharines.

Langelaan made at least $50,000 in profit from selling cheese that he had purchased in the states – in violation of Canadian customs regulations.

News accounts did not provide a tally on how Langelaan fared with the chicken wings. The Review simply reported, “No one was interested in the poultry.”

Canadians apparently are well aware that the real deal requires a drive across the Peace Bridge.