East Aurora Trustees Kevin Biggs and Randy West volunteered for a newly revived committee charged with developing a list of spending needs, like upgrading parks, fixing sidewalks and repairing streets.

“I want to prioritize projects that we need done,” said Biggs after the Monday evening meeting.

He said he would put Oakwood and East Fillmore avenues high on the list, as they are in a “shambles.”

Once word gets out about the capital projects committee and its mission, Biggs expects people to come forward with lots of suggestions. Mayor Allan Kasprzak now must appoint three citizen members, he said.

Also at Monday’s meeting, some on the board talked about finding ways to protect historic Main Street homes that have fallen into disrepair. Discussion included beginning to use a village land development corporation that exists only on paper.

Perhaps if a board was appointed for it, the village could buy worthy buildings so they could be resold to attentive owners, said Trustees Patrick Shea and Libby Weberg.

But before anything can happen, the village attorney has to look into the rules about using the corporation, Weberg said after the meeting.

“He would need to give us some guidance,” she said.