Virginia (Ostendorf) Bristol, 85, of Orchard Park, died March 17.

Kevin M. Bush, died March 11.

Rachel D. (Wilkerson) Carson, 49, died March 18.

Constance Marie Castiglione, 78, died March 17.

Jean M. (Bogdan) Cieplinski, 92, of Williamsville, died March 17.

James Corbran, of Hamburg, died March 18.

Mary Bickel Cummiskey, of East Aurora, died March 15.

Avice V. Davis, 90, of Akron, died March 18.

James M. (Dekanski) Deken, of Cheektowaga, died March 15.

Charles J. Harrigan, of Lancaster, died March 16.

Rayvon M. Holland, died March 15.

Geraldine M. (Lynch) Ippolito, of South Buffalo, died March 18.

Marjorie L. (Parks) Johnson, 92, of Blasdell, died March 13.

Paul G. Kies, 90, died March 14.

Joan P. (Michalak) Kmidowski, died March 17.

Mary Ann (Kajdasz) Kuciel, 81, former book binder at Arcata Graphics, died March 17.

Mary Sheila (Neary) Machajewski, 67, of Tonawanda, died March 16.

Fedoria Edith Marinelli, 87, died March 15.

Joanne M. (McAlpine) Mund, of Orchard Park, accomplished singer and music teacher, died March 17.

Velma D. Nagle, of Ashville, died March 14.

Lena (Valvo) Palisano, of the Town of Tonawanda, died March 16.

John Anthony Perillo, 52, died March 15.

Robert C. Potter, of Lackawanna, Korean War Army veteran, died March 17.

Anthony D. Rader, 70, of Akron, died March 16.

Rena Reisman, died March 18.

Marie D. (Alexander) Salter, died March 15.

Leo N. Scherger, of Cheektowaga, WWII Army veteran, died March 17.

Patricia Ann (Schreck) Schwarz-mueller, supervisor at the American Red Cross, died March 17.

Roslye (Simon) Schweitzer, died March 18.

Branko Sedlacek, 93, of North Tonawanda, WWII Army veteran, North Tonawanda businessman and a former Niagara County legislator, died March 18.

Barbara Ann (Euller) Stites, of Cheektowaga, died March 17.

Rev. Dr. Denice J. Szafran, 58, of Geneseo, formerly of Niagara Falls, professor of anthropology at Geneseo State College, died March 16.

Michael E. Szarafin, 59, of Angola, died March 13.

Christine A. Ulm-Balla, died March 16.

Dorothy (Doria) Vacanti, died March 18.

Edward J. Wild, of Cheektowaga, 30-year employee of Niagara Machine and Tool, died March 17.

Ernestine Zackery, died March 15.

Stanley H. Zagora, 89, died March 14.

Rosemary (McGirl) Zeitler, of Hamburg, died March 17.