Voters in Allegany County filled contested seats in four of the five County Legislature districts in Tuesday’s election. There was no contest for seats in the Fifth Legislative District.

Each of Allegany County’s five legislative districts has three seats, for a total of 15 seats.

In addition to filling the legislative seats, voters elected local officials in several of the county’s 29 towns and in the Village of Wellsville, according to the Board of Elections.

Preliminary and unofficial results announced Tuesday night include:

Legislature District 1 (three candidates elected): Theodore L. Hopkins, 1,525; Curtis W. Crandall, 1,519; David T. Pullen, 1,127; Sharon S. Collins, 972.

Legislature District 2 (three candidates elected): Norman G. Ungermann Jr., 1,346; Dwight Mike Healy, 1,219; David A. Decker, 928; Karl D. Kruger, 671; Frederick Sinclair, 444.

Legislature District 3 (three candidates elected): Scott R. Burt, 1,129; Dwight R. Fanton, 1,125; Debra A. Root, 1,091; K. David Porter, 405; William G. Dibble III, 395.

Legislature District 4 (three candidates elected): Timothy O’Grady, 1,090; Karl E. Graves, 847; Kevin S. LaForge, 791; Galen H. Brooks, 442; Joel M. Kassirer, 376.

Results among contested races in the towns include:

Alfred – Town Board (two elected): Mary L. Stearns, 276; Robert P. Ormsby, 201; Sean Hyland, 94.

Allen –Town Board (two elected): Bonnie Leigh, 69; Richard Streiff, 60; Charlotte Banish, 60. Absentee ballots have not been counted in the tied race.

Alma – Town Board (two elected): James E. Fleming, 89; Lauara Bock, 74; Beverly J. Root, 59; Roxie Roilczek, 35.

Amity – Town supervisor: Dana Ross, 261; Charles M. Criss Jr., 241; Lois J. Reynolds, 54. Members of Town Board (two elected): Miranda Van Dyke, 323; Joshua Brown, 310; Barbara A. Zlomek, 288.

Andover – Town Board (two elected): Waye W. Grant, 266; Michael Hulse, 200; Bernard T. Wieszczyk, 131.

Belfast – Town supervisor: Annette J. Kish, 312; David L. DeRock, 185. Town Clerk: Patricia Oliver, 290; Laureen Young, 203. Town Board (two elected): Randy Ellison, 306; James Ace Sr., 238; Wayne Enders, 225; David W. Cox, 182. Superintendent of Highways: William A. Nichols, 274; David E. Jennings, 168; Dennis Gildner, 63.

Birdsall – Town Board (two elected): Denis S. Davis, 27; Patricia Schultz, 23; Kim Shaklee, 14.

Burns – Town Board (two elected): Lawrence E. Thompson, 170; David C. Ras, 159; Christa Fortin, 132. Superintendent of Highways: Steve F. Mullen, 203; James E. Marshall, 46.

Friendship – Town supervisor: James Bradley Blouvet, 194; Susan Strickley, 175. Town Board (two elected): Donette R. Shelley, 226; Susan F. Myers, 202; David E. Taylor, 177.

Granger – Town clerk: Deborah S. White, 102; Susan M. Falt, 78. Superintendent of Highways: Kevin J. Slack, 95; Warren Smith Jr., 87.

Hume – Town Board (two elected): Darlene M. Mason, 266; Christopher L. Austin, 200; Paul M. Miller, 121; Bernard Fancher, 80; Brian L. White, 52.

Rushford – Town Board (two elected): Lynn K. Pomeroy, 260; Donald E. Bliss, 214; Danny Harris, 63.

Scio – Town Board (two elected): Marcia W. Habberfield, 274; Kimberly Demick, 192; Donna Dean, 171.

Town of Wellsville – Town Board (two elected): Donald LaForge, 666; Shad E. Alsworth, 653; Gregory T. Day, 437; Barbara M. Hetzel, 318.

Village of Wellsville – Village trustee, to fill a vacancy: Frank A. Knight, 358; Dawn E. Ketchner, 329.

West Almond – Superintendent of highways: Ryan William Marble, 64; John P. Suffoletta, 29.

Willing – Town Board (two elected): Mark S. Wiedemann, 214; Carla Roeske, 166; Roy G. Gay, 110.

Wirt – Superintendent of highways: Curtis A. Rung Jr., 132; Galen Martin, 88.

The Board of Elections’ preliminary report did not list the candidates’ political party affiliations nor whether they were incumbents.

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