Brian Jopp

Candidate for City of Tonawanda 4th Ward Common Council

Lines on Ballot: Republican

Age: 32

Number of years living in town: 25

Occupation/Employer: President of Ghostline Entertainment

Top campaign platform agendas/Biggest issues facing the town:

-We need to hold the line on taxes while making Tonawanda more progressive. Part of the progression needs to be a greener Tonawanda. We have a four-point plan that includes bringing solar energy to Tonawanda, helping to lower our city’s electric bill.

-Along with the Clean Air Coalition, we need to keep the pressure on Tonawanda Coke.

-We need more strict laws against people who fail to maintain their property; particularly lawn maintenance.

-We need to ensure that the companies that we bring in to use the Spaulding Fibre land can create more jobs, while bringing interest/revenue from outside communities as well as our own.

-Adding property at the Little League Drive Project will be a great thing for the city. We just need to be sure that the developer and the deal is what is best for our city.

-We need to push for federal funding to clean up the flats behind Hackett Drive

-The no-parking on streets law needs to be revised. While it might make sense during the winter, it should be lifted during the warmer months.